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We are creating the future of Mizuhiki in collaboration with the Sekishima Mizuhiki store in Iida City, Nagano Prefecture, which has the best technology in Mizuhiki in Japan.

Mizuhiki has a beautiful meaning of "connecting hearts" and is an eco-conscious (environmentally friendly) material made of Japanese paper, so we believe that it will attract more attention as a cool Japan material that Japan is proud of. Can be done.

Overseas, the Japanese food and culture boom has created a need for daily use of Japanese decorations, and in this "For Your Japanese Party Series", there is a need for party goods used at such overseas Japanese parties. In response to this, we propose Japanese-style SAKE bottle decorations, napkin decorations, chopstick decorations, and chopstick rests that use Mizuhiki.

These are the best decorations for Japanese hospitality overseas. In addition, since most of these party goods are still made of plastic overseas, Mizuhiki, a traditional and old material for Japan, is accepted as a new eco-conscious material for the world. , There are substrates that are used as an alternative to plastic.
​ The Mizuhiki craftsman Sekishima Mizuhiki store, which we are also affiliated with and a sales agent for in this series, received the Cool Japan Award 2019.

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